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March 24, 2016

Bowman and Brooke Announces 2016 Managing and Co-Managing Partners

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Bowman and Brooke is proud to announce the 2016 Managing and Co-Managing partners. These individuals hold responsibility and leadership for day-to-day operations in their respective offices. 

In the wake of the firm's expansion into Florida, John Seipp, Jr. has been elected Managing Partner of the new Miami office and Robert Rudock has been elected Co-Managing Partner. Additionally, Frank Hosley has been elected as Managing Partner of the firm's new Orlando office. In Phoenix, Janell Adams elected as the new Co-Managing Partner. 

The following attorneys were re-elected as Managing Partner: Bard Borkon (Minneapolis), Thomas Branigan (Detroit), Larry Ramsey (Los Angeles), Sandra Ezell (Richmond), Joel Smith (Columbia), J. Karl Viehman (Dallas), Kelly Kimbrough (Austin).

The following attorneys were re-elected as Co-Managing Partner: Alana Bassin (Minneapolis), Jeffrey Gorcyca (Detroit), Neil Kliebenstein (San Jose), Robert Wise (Richmond), Richard Willis (Columbia), David Stone (Dallas). 


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