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While our firm is best known for defending automobile manufacturers, our lawyers counsel an array of Global 500 clients in high-stakes, national litigation in a range of industries.

Product Safety and Preventive Counseling

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Liability claims and lawsuits can tarnish your product’s reputation, to say nothing of your bottom line.  So it is prudent—just sound business practice—to do everything possible to identify, minimize, and manage legal risk. The Bowman and Brooke LLP preventive law group, which includes one of America’s premier practitioners in this area, excels in helping you anticipate and avoid the risk of product and contractual liability.

Our preventive practice also draws on the considerable insights of our trial lawyers, who have defended many of the industries' biggest names in cases involving all types of products, nationwide.  We know where legal vulnerabilities exist.  We know how to make products defensible.  We know how to minimize the possibility of claims. 

Because preventive law is, in part, preparing for litigation, our preventive practice is a natural extension of service to clients, helping them avoid as well as defend against risks of product and contractual liability.      

  • May 2017
  • October 19, 2016
    Of Counsel Kenneth Ross performed an exclusive "Q&A" session with Corporate LiveWire, answering some pressing questions concerning today's product liability landscape. Ken delves into product warning label requirements, the rise of multidistrict litigation and class action litigation, product recalls and product liability trends on the rise.
  • June 1, 2016
    Legal Alert
    In a rule released late last week, the FDA is now requiring companies to construct a "food defense plan." This is the first time that companies are being called on to establish a plan to defend against intentional (tortious) attacks on the U.S. food supply. Should such attacks occur, this new rule could provide a platform to the plaintiffs’ bar to attempt to expand the concept of manufacturers’ civil liability for the crimes or intentional torts of third parties in a dramatic new way. We are working on strategies and approaches to deal with this possibility and would be happy to share our strategies with you.
  • August 18, 2015

Integrated Services

In addition to providing stellar legal counsel, we integrate our provision of other key services with the work of our legal teams. The result? Highly effective and efficient client service.

Product Liability Prevention

Kenneth Ross, who is of counsel at Bowman and Brooke, writes frequently on product liability prevention. Visit his website, for more resources.