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Diversity and Inclusion

We rank among the top 25 firms in the United States for percentage of minority lawyers and percentage of minority partners, The American Lawyer, 2017
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Diversity is perspective. It is seeing through varied lenses of varied backgrounds to generate ideas, innovation and creativity—aiding in the discovery of new approaches to problem solving. Diversity strengthens our ability to compete, adapt, change, and address complex challenges. Diversity is a core value improving who we are as trial lawyers and as community leaders.

Our conscientious diversity and inclusion program enables Bowman and Brooke LLP to bring a broader perspective and provides greater affinity and identification with clients, witnesses, judges, jurors, our communities and those who put their trust in us.

From the Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair...

Roshan Rajkumar"We value diversity in the firm, bottom to top. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee works hard literally every day to create and provide innovative opportunities and support for the advancement of diversity in the firm and in our communities. This process is backed by the firm’s core values, ensued since the firm’s founding 32 years ago, specifically: “We are committed to being a diverse firm in the gender and ethnicity of our partners and employees . . . We are focused on making our workplace more inclusive, empowering, and fulfilling for all members of our workplace family. We’ve done well in this regard, and we’ll do even better going forward."  —Roshan N. Rajkumar, Partner

Our Mission

Bowman and Brooke is committed to providing its clients with superior legal services. We believe the level of excellence we and our clients expect is best achieved by building a team of professionals who reflect a broad range of orientations and interests, as well as diverse personal backgrounds. To that end, our firm recognizes the importance of the recruitment and development of diverse talent, with the ultimate goal to be a firm of inclusion and collegiality for all of its members.

Our Program

Bowman and Brooke’s program is overseen by a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and partners with the firm’s Executive and Management Committees to achieve our diversity goals. Soon after joining Bowman and Brooke, attorneys are assigned a partner whose responsibility is to oversee and assist the new attorney’s professional development as a practicing lawyer and employee of the firm. Women and minority attorneys may request an affinity group or mentor to help with acclimation.

We actively recruit, mentor and promote to partnership minority and women lawyers. We hold leadership positions, and invest our time and resources, in organizations that sponsor minority law students and lawyers and promote diversity.

Download a PDF of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (07/2017)

Diversity Scorecard

Bowman and Brooke ranks at #25 among the U.S. law firms recognized on The American Lawyer’s 2017 Diversity Scorecard.

LCLD Top Performer

The firm was named a 2017 “Top Performer” by the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

National Recognition

"Diversity & Inclusion Award," Minnesota Lawyer, 2017


"Leadership Award," Minnesota Women Lawyers, 2017


"Excellence in Diversity Award," Arizona Black Bar, 2016


"Drucilla Stender Ramey Law Firm Diversity Award," California Minority Counsel Program, 2015


"Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys," Law360, 2015-2017


"Top 10 Firms for Black Attorneys," Law360, 2016


"Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys," Law360, 2015-2016


"50 Best Law Firms for Minority Partners," Law360, 2015