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Our firm has adopted an electronic records retention policy which aims to preserve electronic files in place of paper to the greatest extent possible.


LEEDers Of the Pack

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing firm, Bowman and Brooke advanced a concept that earned us recognition as one of the first law firms in the country to build a space according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Our Minneapolis office, which is LEED-CI certified, features an abundant use of glass for maximum natural light infiltration, carpet made from nylon fibers created from recycled plastic bottles, doorframes composed of 75 percent recycled aluminum, adhesives low in volatile organic compounds, motion-detecting lights ensuring lights are out when rooms are not in use, and a central staircase spanning three floors to promote camaraderie and serve as a replacement for elevators.

The firm's Columbia office is the first law office in South Carolina to receive LEED - Gold certification with its highly energy-efficient design, utilizing energy star appliances, low consumption water fixtures, and light occupancy sensors with energy efficient lighting. The office also uses a number of finishes and materials that have high recycle content or come from readily renewable resources, such as bamboo.

Joel Smith“The LEED® Gold Certification is a terrific achievement for our firm and a boost to our efforts to promote sustainable initiatives. We are very proud to receive such an honor as it recognizes our commitment to enhance and enrich Columbia’s legal and business community." 

Joel Smith | Managing Partner| Columbia 

Along with our Minneapolis and Columbia offices, The Phoenix Plaza, home to our firm's office in Phoenix, was awarded the LEED-EB Silver designation for Operations and Maintenance in September 2009. Additionally, our Dallas office received a LEED Silver rating in 2013.

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish

It goes without saying recycling bins for glass, plastic and aluminum are standard in each office—but at Bowman and Brooke, we never settle for the status quo. Each of our offices has implemented many paper-saving techniques, including the use of recycled paper for copiers. Our firm has adopted an electronic records retention policy which aims to preserve electronic files in place of paper whenever possible.

Our firm participated in an Electronics Recycling Program in partnership with PCs for People, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable personal computers, computer repairs, internet service, and education to people with limited technological experience due to social, physical, or economic circumstance. 63 old and unused computers and monitors were donated, refurbished and distributed, providing computer access to more than 200 individuals. 

Additionally, the firm participated in an office-wide "Data Drive" in 2015 to collect old removable storage devices such as hard drives, thumb drives and CD/DVDs. Many of these were wiped clean and restored for reuse within the firm.