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June 7, 2023

Announcing 2023 Rankings by The Legal 500

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For the 16th year in a row, Bowman and Brooke has achieved national rankings in The Legal 500. The firm is named to all four Product Liability Defense categories—Automotive, Consumer, Pharmaceutical/Medical Device and Toxic Tort. Additionally, many individual attorneys are recognized.

Automotive – Ranked Tier One for the 16th year in a row

  • “Often working with relevant local counsel and benefitting from practitioners spread across the length and breadth of the country, litigation-focused firm Bowman and Brooke is well-positioned to defend clients in complex and high-profile product liability actions, irrespective of geographical location. A significant proportion of this work relates to litigation brought against automotive manufacturers, including household names such as Toyota, Ford Motor and BMW, where the firm is appreciated for its ‘extensive subject matter knowledge’ as well as its ability to simplify complex scientific issues for juries.” 
  • Hall of Fame – Paul Cereghini and Vince Galvin
  • Practice Heads – Bard Borkon and Tom Branigan
  • Other Key Lawyers – Joel Smith, Jordan Tabak, Matthew Berard and Whitney Cruz

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device – Ranked Tier Two for the 12th year in a row

  • “Appreciated for its ‘problem solving approach,’ the result of many years’ experience handling work in the field, product liability-focused litigation firm Bowman and Brooke is well-versed in developing ‘innovative and effective strategies’ for an impressive roster of pharmaceutical and medical devices clients.”
  • Leading Lawyers – Kim Schmid and Randy Christian
  • Practice Heads – Kim Schmid and Randy Christian
  • Other Key Lawyers – Chris Carton, John Garrett and Erica Mekles

Consumer – Ranked Tier Three for the 10th year in a row

  • “National product liability specialist Bowman and Brooke has deep and longstanding experience defending manufacturers across myriad consumer products, from food and tobacco, sports equipment and bicycles through to power tools and child products, in courts across the length and breadth of the country.” 
  • Hall of Fame – Paul Cereghini
  • Next Generation Partner – Amanda Heitz
  • Practice Heads - Jeffrey Warren and Tori Levine
  • Other Key Lawyers - Paul Cereghini, David Campbell, Amanda Heitz

Toxic Tort – Ranked Tier Three for the 5th year in a row

  • “Mid-sized national product liability focused litigation firm Bowman and Brooke regularly secures lead and national counsel roles involving a wide range of toxic torts, including chemical exposure, soil and water contamination, mold, benzene and others that involve allegations of cancer, birth defects, and major organ diseases.”
  • Practice heads – Larry Ramsey, William Auther
  • Key Lawyers – Roshan Rajkumar, William Purnell, Carmen Bickerdt, Vanessa Merassaint and Lauren Miller

To compile the annual rankings, researchers from The Legal 500—including both qualified journalists and lawyers—spent months conducting in-depth research into the market. The primary source of information is the law firms themselves, and the information they provide is often not for public consumption. This allows The Legal 500 to assess firms against one another, practice area by practice area. It also gathers feedback from peers and clients to assess overall visibility and reputation. The process culminates in detailed rankings and editorial.

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