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June 21, 2023

What Lawyers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

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The implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on the practice of law is on so many people’s minds. Bowman and Brooke attorneys Thomas Lurie and Matin Fallahi co-authored a piece that analyzes the technology and its impact on the industry for the DRI publication For The Defense.

In the piece, the question is posed: if AI is going to perform like a lawyer, shouldn’t it be required to graduate from law school? Obviously, that is not going to happen. But AI is going to be in the work lives of lawyers. They offer prescriptions and guardrails for how lawyers can effectively and ethically use the tool while not getting into murky territory surrounding confidential client information. 

Thomas Lurie and Matin Fallahi recommend that lawyers communicate with clients about use of AI tools in their practice and obtain consent, when necessary, to prevent mishaps regarding the handling of client material. They also reiterate that law is still an art and AI can never replace lawyers in such areas as oral argument and in-person counsel and persuasion. So deep breaths everybody. 

Click here to read Rise of the Machines: Implications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field.



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