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May 9, 2018

Bowman and Brooke Lawyers Recognized as Top Contributors by Lawyers for Civil Justice

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Minneapolis Bowman and Brooke Partner Mary Novacheck and Austin Partner Susan Burnett were recognized as “Outstanding Contributors” by Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ).

The “Outstanding Contributor” award is given to LCJ members who have shaped the organization’s formal comments and public testimony and provided compelling reasons for judges, Congress and rule makers to give serious consideration to meaningful reform. 

Additionally, the report recognizes Mary, Susan, Rob Wise (Bowman and Brooke partner, Richmond) and Wendy Lumish (Bowman and Brooke partner, Miami) for their work on an amicus brief on behalf of LaBrier v. State Farm Insurance. The team supported the appeal of an onerous discovery order in this putative class action. Bowman and Brooke’s amicus brief focused on the issues of proportionality and the need to apply the 2015 FRCP discovery rules amendments to class action discovery. The 8th Circuit reversed.

Mary currently serves on LCJ’s Board of Directors.

View the report here.