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October 13, 2022

Bowman and Brooke Participates in Vista Maria's Dolly Drive

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Bowman and Brooke is proud to support Vista Maria’s Dolly Drive, raising funds to help girls, youth and their families realize a life beyond trauma and ignite a life of possibility. Detroit Managing Partner Jodi Schebel, Co-Managing Partner Jenny Zavadil, Partner Carmen Bickerdt, Associate Mollie Kelly, Paralegals DeAnna Cronander and Peggy Malak are attending Vista Maria’s Dolly Drive at the Detroit Shipping Company on October 20th. 

What began 140 years ago as a home for girls and women in need has evolved to encompass mental health services, foster care and adoption, and secure care for the survivors of human trafficking, along with a focus on education, independent living, and advocacy for the welfare of children. Vista Maria embraces a trauma-informed approach — understanding that all people have experienced traumatic events, yet it is through an understanding of trauma and restorative relationships that we instill hope and enable healing within each child and family.

All proceeds from the Dolly Drive benefit the extraordinary programs at Vista Maria including their growing Foster Care program. Each guest is encouraged to bring a doll, action figure, or game for a child on Vista Maria’s holiday wish list.

Learn more about Vista Maria here.