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Going To Verdict

Going to Verdict

We are trial lawyers. We take cases to verdict. We have fielded more than 800 trial teams in more than 350 courthouses throughout 48 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and several Canadian provinces. 

From Nome, Alaska to Sarasota, Florida, and from Des Moines to Los Angeles, our lawyers have been there—advocating for clients before judges and juries.

We do not shy away from the tough cases, the tough opposition or the tough venue. We have tried cases in so-called "judicial hellholes." Our lawyers routinely go up against honorees from the plaintiffs' lawyers "Hot List."  

It's Complicated—We Know.  Complex scientific engineering and medical defenses? No problem. Short notice? Also, no problem.  Give us two days, two weeks or two months—we will be there.

  • Millenkamp v. Davisco Foods—our role began in a chance encounter on a September flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. By October, with our new client, we were recasting the trial strategy, re-drafting pretrial motions, tossing useless affirmative defenses, and cutting loose veterinary and accounting experts. In November, we had a defense verdict.

  • Moore/McAnnally v. Ford—Bowman and Brooke was asked to step into the lead counsel's role in a six-plaintiff trial—on two weeks notice—in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Orangeburg is one of the more notorious plaintiffs' jurisdictions in the state.

Two Coasts—Two Victories—One Day.  It is also not unusual to find Bowman and Brooke lawyers trying major cases in two, three or four jurisdictions simultaneously. On February 6, 2013, juries on two coasts declared victory for our clients:

  • McKenna v. Breg, Inc.—Superior Court for the State of California, County of Orange, the first bellwether case in the California infusion pump JCCP to go to trial

  • Lewis v. Mazda and Ford—U.S. District Court of the Virgin Islands, alleged seatbelt malfunction

To Settle or to Trial?  Although most cases settle, not all do. Nor should they. The decision to go to trial is one with which we can help. We relish trying cases. We are trial lawyers.