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May 9, 2016

Will Auther Presents on "Cybersecurity Threats and Client Confidential Data"

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Phoenix Partner Will Auther co-presents on "Cybersecurity Threats and Client Confidential Data" at an EDRM webinar on May 10th, 2016. 

Webinar Description

"Today’s digital landscape is rife with constantly-evolving cybersecurity threats. No organization is immune, and all types of corporate data may be at risk, from personal information about customers and employees to intellectual property, litigation materials, business plans – even financial forecasts. Recent high profile data leaks have put a spotlight on law firm security. As custodians of a treasure trove of confidential client data, law firms and legal service providers often are prime targets for cyber criminals seeking access to highly valuable sensitive information.

In this fascinating webinar, we’ll examine how ethical and professional obligations apply to the privacy and security of client data attorneys maintain, and discuss the types of incidents that frequently lead to significant breach events, including emerging and growing threats such as ransomware and phishing scams. We’ll also use a real-world scenario to explore what typically happens when a breach occurs and consider steps lawyers and service providers may take to help safeguard their clients’ data."

For more information on the presentation, contact Will.


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