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December 28, 2015

Tom Branigan Forecasts Automotive Cybersecurity Legislation in 2016

Quoted in Law360's Article, "Product Liability Legislation Regulation to Watch in 2016"

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Detroit Managing Partner Tom Branigan was quoted in a Law360 article discussing anticipated product liability litigation and regulations for the upcoming year. Among the legislative forecast for 2016 is regulation surrounding the rising issues of cybersecurity breaches in vehicle systems. 

Tom spoke with Law360 on recent congressional attention paid to automotive cybersecurity with the introduction of a Security and Privacy in Your Car Act, which aims to prevent hackers from gaining access to vehicle software. 

"As it stands today, there are no specific federal motor vehicle safety standards that apply to cybersecurity," said Tom. "The average new vehicle today has a number of electronically controlled systems that rely on a network within the vehicle. The auto industry and NHTSA have been working on ways to secure that network, and now it has attention from Congress." 

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