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November 10, 2020

Bowman and Brooke Attorneys Author Chapter in New DRI Book

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Earlier this month, Austin Managing Partner Randy Christian and Firm Vice Chair Mary Pawelek authored a chapter in DRI's new book, "Science Basics for the Drug and Medical Device Lawyer." DRI describes the book as:

"With each drug and medical device case, defense lawyers must take a deep dive into the intricacies of specific, frequently very narrow, areas of science and medicine. This book is meant to provide background knowledge, and act as a starting point, in several areas that defense practitioners commonly encounter. Before you meet an expert in a new field for the first time, review the relevant chapter and go into the meeting a little smarter and asking the right questions. Chapters cover navigating the strictures of reliability to challenge a differential etiology, avoiding the "causation conflation" trap in a pharmaceutical case, Bradford Hill criteria, epidemiology, immunology, genetics and molecular/cell biology, urogynecology, and bleeding and clotting."

Science Basics for the Drug and Medical Device Lawyer are available for purchase on the DRI website here.