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June 28, 2018

Bowman and Brooke Ranked #8 on NLJ 500: Women's Scorecard 2018

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Bowman and Brooke is pleased to share the news that we are ranked #8 on the NLJ Women’s Scorecard 2018, produced as part of the annual NLJ 500 firm head count report. Only the largest 350 U.S. law firms are eligible for the Women’s Scorecard. Diversity staffing counts are based on a firm’s average FTE attorneys in 2017. At the time of the survey, with 197 attorneys, approximately 43% were female, with female associates comprising approximately 52% of our total attorney headcount. As is “Our Mission,” we believe the level of excellence we and our clients expect is best achieved by building a team of professionals who reflect a broad range of orientations and interests, as well as diverse personal backgrounds. To that end, our firm recognizes the importance of the recruitment and development of diverse talent, with the ultimate goal to be a firm of inclusion and collegiality for all of its members.