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May 20, 2015

Michelle Gilboe Featured In Article On Cosmetic Litigation

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Minneapolis Partner Michelle Gilboe was quoted in a article discussing the expected increase in litigation relating to toxic exposure from nail polish products. With a recent increase in media exposure and regulatory interest, Michelle says, "we can expect to see an increase not just in individual lawsuits but class action claims as well.”

While the allegations of the dangerous impact of toxic chemicals in nail polish products have been widely circulated for the past decade, the cosmetic industry is preparing for the rumblings to become real live cases. Michelle stresses the defense will need to focus on "lack of epidemiological evidence," as these cases will likely be highly emotional.

“Plaintiffs will largely be young women who work long hours for low wages with heart-wrenching claims…The industry will need to work hard to bring the focus back to science,” says Michelle.

Michelle has extensive experience in defending complex medical and scientific matters in class action litigation and MDL litigation. She regularly advises her clients on risk management strategies, regulatory compliance, reporting requirements and recall issues.