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April 9, 2021

"Lab Supplier Says Wrong Company Sued Over Faulty COVID Tests" featured in Law360

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. urged a New Jersey federal court to toss TruGenX's $1.5 million complaint over purportedly faulty COVID-19 testing supplies, arguing that the molecular laboratory is suing the wrong supplier.

In a motion to dismiss Wednesday, Thermo Fisher claimed that it never entered into any contracts to provide supplies to TruGenX for coronavirus testing, despite it being named as a defendant in TrueGenX's lawsuit seeking reimbursement for equipment that allegedly caused inaccurate testing results during the height of the pandemic.

Thermo Fisher is represented by Bowman and Brooke's Christopher R. Carton. Continue reading Law360's "Lab Supplier Says Wrong Co. Sued Over Faulty COVID Tests" here.