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January 4, 2023

2023 AIMS International Safety Seminar and IALDA’s Legal Roundtable

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Suzanne Kersh recently facilitated the IALDA Legal Roundtable at the 2023 AIMS International Safety Seminar. Suzanne, along with five other subject matter experts, led the interactive session designed to explore risk management and claim valuation in the amusement industry.  

Formatted as a game show, the Legal Roundtable involved analysis of hypothetical scenarios in small group conversations. Kersh and her fellow facilitators joined other world-class speakers, veteran trainers, and top industry professionals sharing their expertise, delivering over 300 hours of educational content.

AIMS International, Ltd. is the amusement industry’s leading provider of safety education, delivering superior curriculum and connecting safety professionals around the world. The organization consists of manufacturers, suppliers, organizations, and individuals with a deep and abiding interest in supplying products or services to the Amusement Industry. AIMS International helps amusement parks, adventure parks, water parks and recreation centers stay current with industry standards and best practices.

The International Amusement & Leisure Defense Association, Inc. is a non-profit association of lawyers and other professionals who are actively engaged in representing the interests of the amusement and leisure industries. Membership in the IALDA is open to experienced members of the Bar who regularly represent the amusement and leisure industries as well as business owners and managers, claims professionals and expert witnesses in these same fields.

Learn more about AIMS International here and the International Amusement & Leisure Defense Association, Inc. here.


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