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June 19, 2017

"Drivers and the Driverless Vehicle Revolution" by Michael Carey and Exponent Inc.

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Minneapolis Partner Michael Carey collaborated with several experts from Exponent Inc. to author an article for Thompson Reuters Expert Analysis on "Drivers and the Driverless Vehicle Revolution: Understanding the Changing Role of the Driver." 

Auto manufacturers, regulators, insurers, litigators and drivers are on high alert following the first reported fatality involving a highly automated vehicle in "autopilot" mode in early May of 2017. A disparity exists between driver expectations of technology and vehicle requirements for driver oversight and intervention, and subsequently leaving much uncertainty within the legal, insurance, regulatory and consumer lanes. 

The article was authored by Michael Carey of Bowman and Brooke, and David M. Cades, Ph.D., Caroline Crump, Ph.D., Christina Cloninger, Ph.D., and Douglas E. Young, Ph.D. 

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