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March 17, 2020

A Message Regarding COVID-19

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To Bowman and Brooke clients:

Our hearts go out to those directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and to the healthcare industry and other front-line responders working to help others and contain the spread. 

As we all address the multifaceted challenges of this outbreak, we want to assure you that Bowman and Brooke remains steadfast in representing our clients and defending pending and emerging litigation matters. Our lawyers, legal professionals and administrative staff are equipped and trained to work remotely as necessary, and to do so efficiently, effectively and confidentially. As we observe governmental requests and mandates restricting travel and in-office work, your matters will remain well-defended and our communications with you uninterrupted, timely, and informative. 

Please know that we are committed to working with you to manage litigation consistent with the impact of this crises on your Company and its employees. We understand that litigation-related tasks already have been significantly affected by travel restrictions, office closures and other necessary countermeasures. We are closely monitoring the many state and federal civil court closures, postponements and restrictions. And as you would expect, we are already working with opposing counsel, courts, mediators, expert witnesses, court reporters, jury consultants and others to achieve realistic accommodations as this fluid situation continues to develop. 

We are committed to close collaboration with you as we work through these challenges, so that when we are on the other side of them, we can look back and feel that we have used this time to move the ball forward toward meeting the Company’s litigation goals, including accomplishing mutually identified action items and resolutions we’ve hoped to achieve. 

If there are issues or concerns we can help with now or as this all evolves, please let us know.

Paul G. Cereghini
Firm Chair