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April 2009

2009 Burton Award Winners

Congratulations to Minneapolis Associate, Michael R. Carey for receiving the Burton Foundation's 2009 Distinguished Legal Writing Award!  His article, Defending Lead-Containing Toy Lawsuits, was published in DRI's "For The Defense", February, 2008.  This year's recognition marks the third in a row for Bowman and Brooke. Past honorees include Kenneth Ross in 2007 and Sandra Giannone Ezell in 2008.

The Burton Award is a unique national awards program dedicated principally to rewarding effective legal writing. The program honors partners in law firms who use plain, clear and concise language and avoid archaic, stilted legalese. Each year, only 30 authors are selected out of the entries submitted by the nation's 1,000 largest law firms.  For more information, click here: