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While our firm is best known for defending automobile manufacturers, our lawyers counsel an array of Global 500 and internationally-based clients in high-stakes, national litigation in a range of industries.

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical

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Bowman and Brooke's Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Litigation practice includes nearly two dozen experienced trial lawyers serving as national coordinating counsel; lead trial counsel, including at bellwethers; regional; and local counsel in a wide range of cases across the country, including some of today's most high-profile mass tort litigation matters. With a passion and drive for mastering complex medical, scientific, epidemiological, engineering and regulatory issues, Bowman and Brooke's lawyers deliver legal representation that is innovative and cost-conscious.

Our experience includes developing a formidable defense strategy aligned with your business objectives; serving as national coordinating counsel to implement a unified plan with the bandwidth to deploy a team of lawyers working up multiple cases at once; preparing discovery protocols and conducting large-scale document productions; preparing company witnesses for depositions and trial testimony; assessing litigation risks and the regulatory impact of litigation; ensuring a cutting-edge and consistent legal and appellate strategy; and, of course, trying cases before juries.

  • Oct 04, 2016
    October 14, 2016, CA
    Firm Chairman Paul Cereghini commented in Law360 following a class certification denial involving Breg, Inc.'s cold therapy devices. In Stacey Lucas et al. v. Breg Inc. et al., plaintiffs sought a nationwide class certification alleging that Breg, Inc. provided false and misleading instructions regarding the use of its Polar Care 500 device. 
  • Apr 21, 2016
    Orange County, CA
    During a trial in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, a judge granted a motion of non-suit in favor of Breg, Inc. in a case involving a Breg Pain Care 3000 pain pump. William Stovall v. Breg, Inc., Superior Court of California, for the County of Orange – Civil Complex Center, Case No. 37-2011-00059728, Judge William Claster presiding.
  • Mar 15, 2015
    In McKenna v. Breg, Inc., No. G048732, 2015 WL 917827 (Cal. Ct. App. 2015), a California appellate court upheld a jury verdict for device maker Breg, Inc. in February of 2013, after a three and a half week trial in the Superior Court for the State of California for the first bellwether case in the California infusion pump JCCP to go to trial, a jury returned a complete defense verdict in favor of Breg, Inc. Plaintiffs alleged that Breg was negligent and strictly liable for providing inadequate warnings with its Pain Care 3000 infusion pump.
  • Feb 06, 2013

    Breg, Inc. received a decisive win on February 6, 2013 in the first bellwether case in the California infusion pump JCCP to go to trial.

  • Jul 02, 2012
    After two days of deliberations in pain pump case, the judge ordered a mistrial.
  • November 21, 2016

    On Monday, November 7, 2016, the FDA issued final guidance on Medical Device Reporting for Manufacturers. The FDA will hold a webinar on November 30, 2016 to help manufacturers understand the information provided in this final guidance document. Following a brief presentation, the FDA will also respond to participants’ questions.

  • October 5, 2016
    In the final installment of the Berkley Life Sciences and Bowman and Brooke co-authored series, "Assessing, Managing and Insuring Against Risk in the Next Era of Drugs and Medical Devices—Part 3," authors Anne Hanna and Lindsey Adams-Hess along with Sonia Weiss and Cindy Khin delve into the insurance considerations for mitigating risk in this uncertain regulatory and legal landscape concerning 3D printed pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • September 15, 2016
    Part two of the Berkley Life Sciences and Bowman and Brooke co-authored series, "Assessing, Managing and Insuring Against Risk in the Next Era of Drugs and Medical Devices," is now available. Written by Anne Hanna and Lindsey Adams-Hess, along with Sonia Weiss and Cindy Khin of Berkley Life Sciences, the second installment of this article series on 3D printed pharmaceuticals and medical devices continues the discussion of the risks and uncertainties with respect to liability.
  • August 30. 2016

    San Jose Managing Partner Anne Hanna and Associate Lindsey Adams-Hess have co-authored the first part of an article series on 3D printed pharmaceuticals and devices with Berkley Life Sciences.

    Part one of the series, "Assessing, Managing and Insuring Against Risk in the Next Era of Drugs and Medical Devices," delves into the liability  implications and risk management of 3D printing in the life sciences industries. Cindy Khin and Sonia Weiss of Berkley Life Sciences also co-authored the article, providing their thought leadership from the insurance perspective.

  • October 13, 2016

    The 3D printing boom in the last several years has sweeping implications for the future of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. With the enormous potential 3D printed products have in the life sciences, there are equally as many unknowns regarding risk and liability throughout the supply chain.

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